to the web site for ENGL3721: Literature of the Fantastic, fall 2019. Here you will find most of the information for this course: the schedule, syllabus, assignments, links to resources, &c. We will also be using D2L, but only for a few things: that is where I will post the presentations I use in class, grades, and possibly some readings. Please remember that blogs are interactive, and use the comment feature to make a point or ask a question at any time, especially when you think the topic may interest others in the class.

Course texts

The texts listed below have been ordered through the UNBSJ bookstore. They are all good editions, but if you already have a different version or would rather use a library edition, that’s fine. We will be referring to some of the the editorial material, but that should not be too much of an impediment. It is crucial, however, that you complete the readings before each class. If the books have not yet arrived, you can order Godwin, Swift, and Wells directly from Broadview and Roberts from Amazon (links below).